Dress Code

Students’ dress and cleanliness of grooming are important not only to themselves, but also to those with whom the students share the classroom. Students are urged to take pride in their dress and grooming. The following guidelines are in accord with Clark County School District Regulation 5131. A student’s personal appearance should not disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school. Students must adhere to the following guidelines regarding school dress:

  • Students must wear shoes with soles. Beach sandals, thongs, and slippers are unacceptable. No flip-flops are allowed. Students who wear inappropriate footwear will be asked to call home to have appropriate shoes brought to school, or they will be required to spend the day in In-House Suspension.

  • Students are prohibited from wearing crop tops, strapless, low-cut clothing, clothing with slits, or tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage. If your midriff shows at all when you move, then the shirt should not be worn to school. All sleeveless shirts must have straps at least three inches wide and cover the shoulder.

  • All shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least fingertip length as the student stands with arms hanging down to the side. If shorts are worn, they must be hemmed and without fray.

  • Pants must be worn around the waist without sagging. Hanging belts and wallet chains are not permitted on campus.

  • Students are prohibited from wearing hats/headgear on campus except for designated school approved uniforms or at special events or occasions where previous approval has been granted.

  • Students are prohibited from wearing clothing with slogans, which by their controversial or obscene nature, disrupt the educational setting. Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol advertising is not allowed.

  • No spiked, studded, or weapon-type clothing or jewelry is permitted.

  • All gang-identifying clothing is prohibited, including bandanas.

  • Hair grooming items such as combs, brushes, or picks may not be worn in the hair.

  • Sunglasses are not to be worn on the campus or on your head.

  • Students are not permitted to write on themselves or other students.

  • All coats, mittens, and scarves must be removed upon entering the classroom.

  • Pants with holes above the knee are not permitted.

  • Tops that are see-through or lace must be worn with a top underneath that is at least 3 inches wide and covering the shoulder.

  • Tight fitting pants such as leggings, yoga pants and workout attire must be worn with a top over them that is finger tip length.


The school administration maintains the right to designate which types of dress, fashion, fads or appearance disrupts or distracts from the education program and may be a potential safety hazard.

Students who violate dress code policy will be required to change into a Rogich dress code uniform supplied by the deans’ office and may receive disciplinary action.