SRMS Tardy Policy

SRMS Tardy Policy

Rough Riders and Parents: 


Student attendance and class participation are the number one predictors of academic success. When students are unnecessarily absent and tardy, overall academic achievement is affected. 

As a reminder, students late to any class including early bird will be required to report directly to the Discipline Office. The student will then receive a late pass to class which will be noted as unexcused in Infinite Campus. If the tardy is excused, the student will have a pass from the previous teacher.

When students exceed three unexcused tardies, the parents will be notified and must bring students to the Discipline Office on the following day to sign them in to school. This is to ensure that parents are aware and will help support the importance of timeliness to class as it relates to student success.


If parents fail to report with students, students will be placed in the In House Suspension/ On Star room until a conference is held with the parent and a member of the Rogich Administrative Team. Classroom instruction will be provided while students are in the In House Suspension/On Star classroom.

When we begin our day, students arriving after 8:05 AM for an early bird class, or late to their first class of the day at 9:10, must report to the Discipline Office prior to going to class. A late unexcused tardy pass will be issued unless a student has a note from the parent. We often have students arrive late for the start of the day due to family circumstances. We understand when circumstances arise and ask that you provide a note.


Students without a note will receive an unexcused tardy pass and the unexcused tardy will be noted in Infinite Campus. Unfortunately, we have experienced parents dropping students off at school with plenty of time for students to make it to their first period of the day. Sadly, students have been leaving campus, then return to campus late for their first class and the parent is unaware. This presents a great concern for student safety.


If you have questions, please contact the Discipline Office directly. We appreciate your help and support, and encourage students to strive for excellence in Rough Rider Country.

Suzie Harrison-Rollins