SRMS Tardy Policy


Rough Riders and Parents:                                                                                                   January 2018


Student attendance and participation is the number one predictor of student success in the classroom. When students are unnecessarily absent and tardy, overall academic achievement is affected.

As a reminder, students late to any class including early bird will be required to report directly to the Dean’s Office.  Students will be placed on RPC. (Required Parent Conference) The first time a student is tardy, the Required Parent Conference will be handled with a phone conference only. Subsequent tardies to any class, will require the parent to meet with the Dean of Students in person, prior to reinstatement.

Students placed on RPC for the subsequent tardies, will follow the remainder of their day’s schedule on the day of the tardiness.  Parents will be notified, and must be present for the RPC conference, prior to the student returning the following day.  We encourage parents to schedule the conference with the Dean’s Office as soon as possible during regular school hours. If the conference is missed, students will be placed in the In House Suspension/ On Star room until the conference is held with the parent in the Dean’s Office.  Classroom instruction will be provided while in In House Suspension/On Star.

Students are required to be on time to their first period class including early bird, each day. Students arriving after 8:05 AM for an early bird class, or late to their first period class if that is their first period of the day, must report to the Dean’s Office prior to going to class. If the parent is aware of the tardy, the student may bring a note signed by the parent when arriving to the Dean’s Office so that students may be excused for the tardiness. Students without a note will be placed on RPC. This ensures that students dropped off for an early bird or first period class, do not leave campus without parent permission or notification, and are then tardy. Students tardy for their first class of the day may bring an excuse note the following day to excuse the tardy and the RPC. This ensures that parents are aware.  (this is a revision to the original policy)

If you have questions, please contact the Dean’s Office directly. We appreciate your help and support, and encourage students to strive for excellence in Rough Rider Country.


Suzie Harrison-Rollins